PÅ-konsertseriemed god musikk fra vår tid på MUNCH.

En konsertserie viet komponister og musikere som deler nysgjerrig lekenhet og er på evig oppdagelsesreise i musikken. Mer info her: https://www.munchmuseet.no/live/pa/

Oslo Stringquartet

Solidly rooted in repertoire from the classical period to the present day, Oslo String Quartet has become one of Scandinavia’s most acclaimed and sought-after chamber ensembles. Their deep commitment and unique ability to combine intellectual approach with vivid presentation has attracted attention far beyond Norway’s borders. Visit website: https://www.stringquartet.com/


POING is Frode Haltli (accordion), Håkon Thelin (double bass) and Rolf-Erik Nystrøm (saxophones). For POING, the most important has always been to make a difference. Either by realizing a composer’s “impossible” dreams, surprise a blased audience by showing that contemporary music is entertaining, and that within entertainment and madness there might exist a strong political commitment and existential depth. Visit website: https://www.poing.no/

Nordic Voices

Artistic creativity, versatility, technical precision – these are the primary ingredients of the perfect recipe for a performing arts ensemble. One other ingredient, that indescribable something that we tend to call audience appeal, makes the picture complete. These are precisely the elements that make up Nordic Voices, a six-voice a cappella group that has been making waves not only in Norway, but in places as far afield as South Africa, Japan, Taiwan, Bolivia, Canada and USA. Visit website: https://nordicvoices.no/